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Crewfit+ 180N Pro Life jacket


Crewfit+ 180N Pro Life jacket


A line of life jackets designed for other leisure performances, the first of its kind designed with 3D technology that increases comfort when worn and does not weigh down the neck, but distributes weight evenly over the shoulders. The 180N’s large buoyancy chamber has a special shape that supports the head out of the water and ensures maximum safety during use. Both the 180 Pro and the 180 Plus versions come with a harness, a leg harness, a visible charge indicator and an automatic light already inside.

The Crewfit+ 180N Pro life jacket can be completed with the Spray Hood, which can be purchased separately and remains in the jacket after assembly. The Plus version, on the other hand, has all the equipment, including light and Spray Hood, already as standard.

Both are also AIS compatible.