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Take advantage of the special Scrapping / Exchange Rafts conditions offered by Italy's leading company and enter the Eurovinil world, reducing your expenses and increasing your safety on board!

The special offer is VALID FOR THE ENTIRE NAUTICAL SEASON 2024 and is reserved to the scrapping of products of any brand and type with the supply of a new Eurovinil Raft: you will have the highest Quality on board, thanks to a product designed and made in Italy at 100%!
You can choose the product that suits you the most from a wide range of our products.

Offer terms and pros

Pros of our offer

You can take up the offer by returning any raft model of any brand.
The offer is available at all Eurovinil retailers.
You can take advantage of the special purchase conditions reserved + obtain important benefits:

  • Free (and legally compliant) disposal of your old product

  • Supply of the latest generation raft with the highest level of safety
  • Free disposal

    New raft supply


    Which raft can I choose?

    By taking up the Scrapping / Raft Exchange offer, you can choose the product that best suits your specific needs, choosing any model from Eurovinil’s extensive catalogue of rafts!

    You will be able to choose between a Coastaldry model, for navigation within 12 miles, or between the products available for navigation without limits (beyond 12 miles), available both in soft case and hard case. In addition, on all rafts intended for navigation beyond 12 miles for Italian-flagged vessels, if purchased in exchange, you can choose between the hard-shell container and the soft-shell container at the same price!

    At the same price as the traditional product, you can also choose the new ISO 9650 model for navigation beyond 12 miles, equipped with an external watertight bag (Grab Bag) containing part of the equipment normally provided inside the raft, to obtain an exceptional reduction in weight and bulk on board your boat.