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Frequently Asked Questions


Within the FAQ section, you will find immediate answers to the most common questions related to our services, products and/or policies. We have collected our customers' most frequently asked questions and organised them in this section to make your experience easier and more straightforward.

The self-inflating raft contains all the necessary components for semi-automatic activation (because it requires an initial manual activation by lashing), such as the cylinder filled with carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and all the equipment required by the flag authorities issuing the approval. For example: automatic external and internal light, water in single-dose rations, food rations, torch for lighting, paddles, lifebuoys, bailer for removing water, etc.

The overhaul process consists of a series of fundamental operations to ensure the maximum safety of your raft: overpressure and tightness test of the pneumatic part, check and replacement of the valves, periodic check, weighing and replacement of the tank, check of the equipment, check of the emergency equipment, replacement of expiring equipment, possible replacement of the container, as well as cleaning of the raft.

each model has a different overhaul period according to the flag/body that issued the approval; for example, the model for Italy ABOVE 12 miles must undergo overhaul every 12 months, the model for Italy WITHIN 12 miles must undergo overhaul after 36 months and the subsequent ones at 24 months. On the other hand, the ISO9650-compliant model (foreign flags) has to undergo overhaul every 36 months. The overhaul frequency is indicated on the raft certificate.

We guarantee the ordinary and special overhaul at the same price; consult our price lists to find more about the Eurovinil convenience.

You can find out the date by which you have to have your raft overhaul at any time by accessing the dedicated website by entering the raft’s serial number

Eurovinil is the national overhaul centre for EV Eurovinil rafts.

Do you have a raft of another brand? Discover our trade-in offers for your raft and secure yourself with a new Eurovinil raft!

When you deliver your raft to your retailer, or when you send it to Eurovinil for overhaul, please enclose your identification card, if available.

If you send the raft to Eurovinil, please indicate on the raft the “OVERHAUL REQUEST” number or enclose a printout of the confirmation e-mail you received after booking the overhaul.

Carry out the following two steps:

Step 1

  • pack your raft inside a box or wrap it in bubble wrap
  • in the case of a raft with Grab Bag, we recommend shipping it together with the raft
  • if available, enclose the Identification Card
  • fill in the collection request on the BARTOLINI website and ship the raft at the expense of the recipient (using the subscription code 0990107) to Eurovinil SPA – via Genova, 5 – 58100 Grosseto
  • alternatively, you can book the pickup by contacting your local BARTOLINI branch and book the pickup specifying that the shipment must be freight collect (at the expense of the recipient) by communicating the subscription code 0990107

Step 2

In order to facilitate the identification of the raft when it arrives and to provide instructions on the shipping address and payment method, we kindly ask you to fill in the form

Eurovinil has an advanced communication and overhaul tracking system.

Both when the raft arrives at the company and when it is shipped, you will receive an SMS and a confirmation e-mail.

In addition, you can constantly track the status of the overhaul via the dedicated website

You can find out how much your raft overhaul costs below, depending on the Eurovinil / Plastimar inflatable raft model you own; all the details can be found on the raft certificate or on top of the box.

Your cost is always clear and constant at every revision.

Price list for the overhaul of EUROVINIL COASTALDRY, DM 77 and ISO 9650 rafts

When booking your overhaul, on the dedicated website, you can tell us the shipping address, billing information, change requests and any special notes or instructions.

When you book your overhaul, on the dedicated website, you can tell us your shipping address, billing information, change requests and any special notes or indications.

If you have already booked your revision and need to provide us with further information, you can write to, or contact our customer service, possibly indicating your overhaul request number.

Payment for the overhaul will be made by cash on delivery, paying the courier directly when the raft is returned, by bank cheque payable to Eurovinil SPA.

If you collect the raft in-house, the available payment methods are:

  • Cash
  • Bank cheque payable to Eurovinil SPA
  • PagoBancomat
  • Visa or Mastercard

The overhaul is the time when the raft is thoroughly checked and pressure-tested. Every component is checked and/or replaced as well as the raft itself. Replacing a still-functioning raft leads to higher costs and contributes to releasing a large amount of non-degradable material into the environment. Our rafts offer a long service life and, overhaul after overhaul, maintain their full functionality, avoiding unnecessary pollution. The overhaul can only be carried out in Italy by Eurovinil; abroad, the company must present a certificate of approval issued by Eurovinil.

our rafts offer the utmost versatility, being the only ones available in three types of boxes, ABS, Fiberglass and Suitcase, in order to find the best fit on every boat. The function of the outer box is purely aesthetic and useful for the various needs of fixing on board or handling; inside is stored the same product protected in a robust vacuum bag that guarantees protection from external agents.

Eurovinil offers the best conditions on the market for exchanging or scrapping your old raft for a new Eurovinil raft. Unique conception, 100% Italian production and quality, for over 35 years.  Read more about the offer dedicated to scrapping and exchanging rafts.

Discover the offers dedicated to scrapping / trade-in rafts.

The old regulation stipulated that it was the manufacturer who declared the conformity of the product and it was therefore possible to modify or add to the contents of the equipment bag. The new regulation stipulates that the rafts produced must conform to the approved one and therefore cannot be modified later.
Check for damage: when the courier delivers the raft to you, immediately check that the packaging is intact. If not, we ask you to accept the raft ‘with reserve. Acceptance with reserve must also be made if the outer carton is noticeably dented, has cracks, or is partially opened. The seal tape present must be the one with the Eurovinil logo. Acceptance with “reserve” consists of writing on the courier’s voucher “ACCEPT WITH RESERVE OF CHECK – PACKAGE NOT INTACT”. Within 24 hours you must open the package and check the integrity of the box. If everything is OK, the written reserve will be automatically closed. In the event that the raft is damaged, you must confirm the reserve to the courier and send us a copy by e-mail, adding a photograph of the product highlighting any breakage. The e-mail must contain: raft serial number, reference to the document/invoice, damage report, request for repair under warranty. If the package is undamaged, check your raft within 24 hours, this will allow you to obtain a warranty on the damage if damage is found, otherwise there is no warranty. Documentation check: Check that the Certificate of Overhaul is present inside the package. This document is required and must be shown during any inspection by the Harbourmaster.

The only overhaul centre authorised to carry out the overhaul of your Eurovinil leisure raft in Italy is the company Eurovinil SPA in Grosseto.

Overhauls carried out at other companies are not valid under current regulations.

In addition to sending it to the company directly, you can entrust your raft to our retailers, who will deliver it to the Eurovinil overhaul centre and handle the necessary paperwork.

For foreign countries, there is a network of stations authorised and trained by Eurovinil SPA.

See the list of Eurovinil overhaul stations worldwide.