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How to have your Eurovinil raft overhauled

Our raft overhaul service offers peace of mind and safety to anyone wishing to enjoy the sea responsibly.
Our highly specialised technicians at our National Revision Centre ensure compliance with safety regulations by carefully checking every detail of the raft.

From checking the inflation valves to checking the warning lights, we ensure that every raft we overhaul is ready to face any emergency at sea.


Question F.A.Q.

Within the FAQ section, you will find immediate answers to the most common questions related to our services, products and/or policies.

We have collected our customers' most frequently asked questions and organised them in this section to make your experience easier and more straightforward.

When do I have to overhaul my raft?

The overhaul must be carried out every 24 months from the date of purchase or last overhaul. The Compact dry and Coastal dry rafts (for navigation within 12 miles) must undergo the first overhaul within 36 months instead of 24.

Why should I make raft overhaul?

Once you click “Register Raft”, a new page will open where you will have to fill in all the mandatory fields.

Once you have completed the procedure, you will have the option of activating the reminder service (via a flag), that will automatically notify you when your raft is due for overhaul.

To complete the registration procedure, click on the “Continue” button.

Who can perform raft overhauls?

The only overhaul centre authorised to carry out the overhaul of your Eurovinil leisure raft in Italy is the company Eurovinil SPA in Grosseto.

Overhauls carried out at other companies are not valid under current regulations.

In addition to sending it to the company directly, you can entrust your raft to our retailers, who will deliver it to the Eurovinil overhaul centre and handle the necessary paperwork.

For foreign countries, there is a network of stations authorised and trained by Eurovinil SPA. See the list of Eurovinil overhaul stations worldwide.

Delivery time and overhaul tracking

The overhaul will be performed in about 10 days after the raft will arrive at the company (three days in case of a request for urgent overhaul.)

You can access the dedicated website to monitor the progress of the overhaul.

You can access the dedicated website to monitor the progress of the overhaul.

What are the payment methods?

Payment for the overhaul will be made by cash on delivery, paying the courier directly when the raft is returned, by bank cheque payable to Eurovinil SPA.

If you collect the raft in-house, the available payment methods are:

  • Cash
  • Bank cheque payable to Eurovinil SPA

  • Visa or Mastercard credit card

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