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Tender line Stowable Plus


Tender line Stowable Plus

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Eurovinil offers a wide range of sizes that are able to satisfy every need for space on board for this model as well. Equipped with a sturdy and stable dunnage made of light anodised aluminium, which can be easily disassembled, it combines winning characteristics of lightness and sturdiness, offering the feeling of having a semi-rigid dinghy with the weight of a demountable one. Equipped with a pneumatic keel and splash-proof wing, it is able to perform a stable glide avoiding water corridors along the tubular structures, even when fully loaded.

The sliding bench seat (standard) ensures that each user can find their own position, facilitating entry into the glide in any situation and with any load on board.

A fast and safe glide in all marine conditions and the guaranteed high-strength EV Marine Compound bounded fabric ensure practicality and excellent performance for this excellent product.