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Crew Endurance 140N


Crew Endurance 140N


The Crew Endurance 140N suit is fully approved to current SOLAS MED regulations and is designed to protect the wearer’s body from the cooling effects of unintentional immersion in water to prolong life and aid rescue.

Made of fireproof neoprene measuring 5 mm, the suit offers good insulation to reduce the risk of cold shock and delay the onset of hypothermia. All seams, with the exception of the outer loops which are welded, are glued and blind-stitched to ensure they are totally waterproof. Critical areas, including the sole of the foot, are also taped for additional reinforcement. Easy and quick to put on within the two minutes specified, each comes in its own carrying bag with donning instructions included on both the bag and the suit.

Providing over 140 N of buoyancy, the integrated cushion allows the suit to be worn without a life jacket and supports the wearer when floating in a face-up position. The cushion and high-visibility details, combined with the SOLAS-approved reflective tape, also make the wearer highly visible in the water to aid recovery.