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ErgoFit+ 290N Life jacket


ErgoFit+ 290N Life jacket


The ErgoFit+ 290N life jacket is a 3D technology-assembled jacket designed for all the fearless who want to venture out into the open sea while braving the elements and want the highest level of safety, which is necessary when you are far from dry land. The most advanced inflation chamber available on the market, designed to allow freedom of movement even when wearing bulky weather clothing. Three-layer housing for extreme resistance. Equipped with double side adjustment + AIS compatibility. Automatic or manual inflation system.

Equipped with light and spray-hood as per standard.

The range is enriched with the new Ergofit Plus, equipped with a new spray hood model that further increases protection from water, and a cover made of an innovative 3-layer fabric with a slim shape for a perfect fit and adherence.

All models are also available in a version with “Hammar” automatic activator.